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Brake Pads

Even race car drivers will tell you that a car's braking capacity takes precedence over its acceleration. Putting a car through a wall is not nearly as much fun as touching the brakes slightly, banking into a turn, and scooting out the other side. Nor as safe.
But braking systems often fail us, usually from our own neglect. Even Formula One cars won't stop as effectively with worn brake pads. It's the equipment, not the driver. In the case of braking, it's essential that we maintain optimum friction pad depth to insure maximum performance of the braking system. In layman's terms, change your brake pads.

STS Brake Pads
STS Brake Pads STS (Street Technology Series) Disc Brake Pads feature unique, track tested ceramic compounds that provide consistent, quiet, and improved vehicle braking. STS delivers increased stopping power from the beginning to the end of a stop. STS Disc Brake Pads are designed for select import/domestic applications that enthusiasts tune for improved performance. STS pads deliver performance for those who desire low dust, reduced noise, and firm responsive pedal feel.
RG Plus Brake Pad
RG Plus Brake Pad PG PLUS Disc Brake Pads provide the most complete line of premium quality brakes in the industry. Engineered to provide the best overall premium performance for everyday driving conditions, PG PLUS Brake Pads offer vehicle specific formulations to assure safe and consistent stopping. PG PLUS is DEA Certified to meet Federal Safety Standards for original equipment. Best results when used with PG Plus VSM Rotors.
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